Latincrypt 2019

Santiago de Chile, Oct. 2–4, 2019

Accepted Papers


  • Quantum LLL with an Application to Mersenne Number Cryptosystems
    Marcel Tiepelt and Alan Szepieniec
  • Breaking randomized mixed-radix scalar multiplication algorithms
    Jérémie Detrey and Laurent Imbert
  • Cold Boot Attacks on Bliss
    Ricardo Villanueva-Polanco

Symmetric Cryptography

  • Optimally Indifferentiable Double-Block-Length Hashing without Post-processing and with Support for Longer Key than Single Block
    Yusuke Naito
  • On the Fast Algebraic Immunity of Majority Functions
    Pierrick Méaux

Side-Channels and Countermeasures

  • Don't forget your roots: constant-time root finding over F2m
    Douglas Martins, Gustavo Banegas, and Ricardo Custódio
  • More Practical Single-Trace Attacks on the Number Theoretic Transform
    Peter Pessl and Robert Primas
  • Authenticated Encryption with Nonce Misuse and Physical Leakages: Definitions and Separation Results
    Chun Guo, Olivier Pereira, Thomas Peters, and Francois-Xavier Standaert
  • Stronger and Faster Side-Channel Protections for CSIDH
    Daniel Cervantes-Vázquez, Mathilde Chenu, Jesús-Javier Chi-Domínguez, Luca De Feo, Francisco Rodríguez- Henríquez, and Benjamin Smith

Post-quantum Cryptography

  • A Reaction Attack against Cryptosystems based on LRPC Codes
    Simona Samardjiska, Paolo Santini, Edoardo Persichetti, and Gustavo Banegas
  • Lattice-based Zero-knowledge SNARGs for Arithmetic Circuits
    Anca Nitulescu
  • Compact and simple RLWE based key encapsulation mechanism
    Erdem Alkim, Yusuf Alper Bilgin, and Murat Cenk

Signatures and Protocols

  • How to Sign with White-Boxed AES
    Marc Fischlin and Helene Haagh
  • The Simplest Multi-key Linearly Homomorphic Signature Scheme
    Diego F. Aranha and Elena Pagnin
  • Efficient Fair Multiparty Protocols using Blockchains and Trusted Hardware
    Souradyuti Paul and Ananya Shrivastava


  • Efficient Cryptography on the RISC-V Architecture
    Ko Stoffelen
  • Fast White-Box Implementations of Dedicated Ciphers on the ARMv8 Architecture
    Félix Carvalho Rodrigues, Hayato Fujii, Ana Clara Zoppi Serpa, Giuliano Sider, Ricardo Dahab, and Julio López
  • Batch Binary Weierstrass
    Billy Bob Brumley, Sohaib ul Hassan, Alex Shaindlin, Nicola Tuveri, and Kide Vuojärvi